Farm of the Child

Holy Redeemer parish provides support for this program on an annual basis.  However, parishioners who wish to donate separately may do so through contacting the program's website at where they specify how to donate and identify specific items within the program for which funding is needed at the present time.

The mission of Farm of the Child is to care for and improve the physical, educational, spiritual and social welfare of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children of Honduras so that they may become productive Christian members of Honduran society.  Farm of the Child is an orphanage, a Catholic school, a medical clinic and outreach program serving one of the poorest regions in the western hemisphere.  A typical family of campesinos (peasant farmers) has little or no land to farm, is extremely limited educationally, and has no opportunity to earn a decent living.  Malnutrition is rampant and starvation is not unknown.  Families are weakened by hunger and disease.  In this society, children are the ones who suffer most.  Voluntary donations are essential to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the physical plant and for support of services to these children in need.   Those who help are remembered in the prayers of those who serve.

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