This Lent we will have a LENTEN DESIGN PROJECT.   This is a request for the collection of crosses to be installed in the hallway to the Lower Holy Family Chapel.   “HALL OF CROSSES” Lenten Design Project 2018.  Bring in and place your crosses on or under the table in the chapel hallway in the lower level of the church; between now and through Lent.  Let us know if you will pick up your cross after the installation or if it is a donation.  For crosses to be returned please mark with your name and Identification.  The installation will be completed for Passion Week and will be up for Holy Thursday and through the Easter Season.  The design of the project will evolve as the number of crosses come in and the Lenten Project Committee installs them in a most reverent way.   


Any size that can be supported by no more than a command strip hanger is preferred but if you have a cross that is larger and heavy it needs to come with its own stand to be placed on table or a taller stand from the floor.  We cannot be responsible for the crosses but we have faith they will be loaned for the installation, and returned if not donated in the spirit of the generous way they were given.  All in name of Jesus Christ…. Thank you.

Any questions Call the rectory 301-942-2333 and speak to Jennifer (or call Gloria Capron 240-687-1190).