Adoration Chapel of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Kensington, MD

Lay Ministries

Holy Redeemer offers a complete range of opportunities for the laity to participate in our litugical and ministerial life.  New parishioners are encouraged to review the ministry descriptions herein where requirements and qualifications are listed and contacts provided.  Opportunities exist  from helping with the upkeep of the church itself to serving as ministers of the Eucharist.  We welcome all who are interested in these vital activities in our parish.  The parish could literally not function without the lay ministries staffed by volunteers from the parish.

Altar Society

We are blessed in our parish to have a group of volunteers who assist in assuring that our church interior and appurtenances are maintained clean and dust free.  This is one of those "invisible" ministries that is essential in every parish. Responsibilities include: keeping  pews and statues are kept free of dust, cleaning and polishing candle sticks and sacred vessels, washing lavabo towels and washing and pressing altar linens, purificators, corporals.  New volunteers to help with this work are always welcome.  If interested in volunteering please call the rectory.


This is a ministry involving volunteers who serve as acolytes at the funerals and memorial services of deceased parishioners, providing assistance to the priest celebrant on these occasions.  If you would like to know more about this ministry or are interested in becoming an Arimathean, please contact Frank Dimond at 301-942-3991.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are parishioners who assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Masses.  Certain ministers are also designated to take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound and to local nursing facilities.

Approval of our Pastor is needed prior to enrollment in the EMHC Training Program.  For more information about this ministry, please contact Tom Mitchell at  For more information about the ministry to the homebound and nursing facilities, please contact Barbara Smothers at 301-897-8066.

Information about EMHC training may be found on the Archdiocesan web site.


Lectors have an important role in the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical services where lectors have assigned roles, e.g. Holy Week Services.  As lectors proclaim the Word of God, it is essential that they develop the skills required to communicate clearly, distinctly and competently God's message to the assembled congregation.  Those wishing to serve as lectors must be approved by the Pastor.  The Archdiocese of Washington offers preparatory training each year.  If you want more information about or wish to volunteer for this ministry at the weekend Masses, please contact Elizabeth Litwin at, 240-888-6452 or 301-770-1606.  For Daily Mass, please contact Eamon Magee at 301-452-0821.


Sacristans are parishioners who assist in preparing the church for celebration of the Mass and in maintaining Mass-related resources and supplies in a respectful and orderly fashion.  Parishioners wishing to volunteer for this ministry should contact the pastor at 301-942-2333 ext. 209.  Those wishing to obtain further information about this ministry should contact Barbara Smothers at 301-897-8066.


Ushers meet and greet parishioners as they enter the church.  It is important that they warmly welcome both visitors they may not know as well as familiar people.  Ushers are responsible for taking up the collection of envelopes and funds at the appointed time during Mass. Ushers are needed at all Saturday evening and Sunday Masses.  Volunteers are in demand.  If interested, please call the rectory at 301-942-2333.