Joining the Church (RCIA)

RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  It is a program the American Bishops composed to help people learn about the teachings, spirituality, and culture of the Catholic faith with the idea of looking into possibly joining the Church, though at no time is pressure placed on anyone.This program is also a good way for adult Catholics who want to learn more about the Catholic Church to continue growing in the faith.  Classes meet Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm -9:00 pm in the Church Community Room, from the third week of September until the Tuesday before Memorial Day.  The teachings of the Catholic Church will be unfolded in a sequential manner by a variety of presenters, with questions and discussion every week.  If one is interested in joining the Church there will be three "Gateways" of coming into the Catholic Church with full initiation taking place at the Easter Vigil Mass.  The full program and calendar will be explained the third Tuesday of September at the "Come and See" evening with the Pastor and the RCIA team.  If you are interested, please call the Rectory at 301-942-2333.